Customer Reviews



Shewit K on March 6, 2016

*"I've tried several detox teas and this is by far my favorite. This tea helped me lose about 6 pounds. I love the fact that it truly cleanses you out without the extreme stomach cramping. I'm ordering my second round."*



Elaine Romero on Oct 20, 2015

*"I've always had problems with going #2 for many many years. This natural and healthy product has helped me a lot. I'd rather take this than any meds or pills. I would recommend it to anyone. I will order more trimfit soon."*



Imani W. on Oct 02, 2015

*"I've tried a lot of teas and this tea is the best not only because it helps with bloating and curbing your appetite but it tastes good too! i love to snack on junk while I'm at work but after drinking this tea I don't even crave bad food, let alone snacks. I used to always be bloated after I ate but now I don't feel bloated and the best is that I don't look bloated. I would recommend this tea to anyone looking for a simple way to detox your body, gain energy, look and feel good!"*




Dora Alcantar on Oct 02, 2015

*"I love this product!!! It has helped me loose weight. It keeps me energized and focused. I lost 5 lbs in 1 week thanks to Trim Fit."*




Vinz M. on Aug 31, 2015

*"I love this product because it made me lose 6lbs in 2 weeks without doing anything like exercise or diet and that's awesome. I love the taste of it and I tried so many products but Trimfit works for me, it relaxes me and gives me full of energy. This product curves my appetite and it is a good thing because I eat too much haha! Also, great customer service Free shipping and fast delivery as I expected! I LOVE TRIMFIT! You're worth it!"*




Marie H. on Aug 08, 2015

*"I am not a tea drinker so I can't say if the taste is good or bad, but still the taste doesn't bother me. I started this tea with a 3 day free samples. I am on day 3 and have lost 5 lbs so far, but you can't beat 5 lbs in 3 days. This stuff is good. A bit on tummy cramping but that was expected. Excellent product and great customer service. I finally placed my order earlier today and chose the 30 day supply."*





Maria on Aug 07, 2015

*"Great tea! Loved the taste and the amount of energy it gave me. Having tried many other detox teas I have to say this is one of the best ones. Definitely going to recommend to all my friends!"*




Danilo M. on Aug 06, 2015

*"This tea is awesome!!! I started drinking it because I always have a hard time going #2. I have been drinking trimfit tea every night for 18 days now. I'm down 6 pounds with no change to my diet or nutrition. It does make you go, since I haven't gone in 3 days, it cleared me out and I felt great. It was well worth it. Also I don't know why but if I drink it before dinner I don't even want to eat anymore. It makes me lose my appetite. It makes me feel full. I honestly don't like the taste but I hate every tea so it doesn't matter to me as, long as it gets the job done. The first few days it can hurt your stomach a little because it's clearing you out then you just start to go more normally."*




Rachelle Recinto on Aug 06, 2015

*"Awesome tea, great taste, and price. And helps me to lost weight and feel better everyday!!!!"*




Paris Mcclellan on Aug 04, 2015

*"Awesome tea, great taste, and great price. I love it!!!"*




Kristin on Aug 02, 2015

*"I received the sample and it definitely gives me a lot of energy. I'm usually very tired throughout the day but after drinking this tea, I had tons of energy! I was able to really go hard at my workout! Glad I tried it!"*




Irene R. on Aug 02, 2015

*"I was kind of skeptical on buying this tea at first even though there was few people that had already left good reviews but i told myself the only way to find out is for me to try it and so I did my first purchase about a week ago and this tea became my savior! I feel less bloated and it makes me regular! Like I said I was always skeptical but I noticed a huge difference on my stomach. Definitely going to reorder this product."*




Claudia on Jul 31, 2015

*"I recently gave trim fit tea a try and I must say it really is effective and for someone like me that has a slow metabolism and suffers from constipation sometimes its a great boost to get your bowel movement going. I definitely recommend Glaiza trim fit tea."*




Randy De Leon on Jul 31, 2015

*"Glaiza product is really awesome the Trim fit tea really helps a lot I tried it and I felt the effect right away, I will definitely keep drinking this tea.... Thanks!! I will recommend it to all my friends too..."*




Vanessa Mena on Jul 30, 2015

*"Great detox tea! i enjoy the taste and it boosts my metabolism."*




Erica Medina on Jul 30, 2015

*"This tea is great ! I enjoy the taste, I recommend this to anyone who wants to loose weight and remember to exercise."*




Allan Pascual on Jul 30, 2015

*"This is probably the best tea out there.. Not only does it taste better than most tea that I've had but it also works as a daily dietary intake. I'd definetely recommend this product to my family and friends! Good job by the way!"*




GINNA on Jul 30, 2015

*"I tried the samples and i was amazed with the flavor! Absolutely LOVED it ! great taste ! highly recommend !

Soon to order her product :)"*




Robert M. on Jul 24, 2015

*"The shipping was great! Packaged nicely and arrived only 2 days later. The tea itself works effectively and gives you extra bowel movement, I was able to lose about 6 pounds on my first week. If you follow the diet rules by eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep. I love this tea. I can't wait to order some more."*




Mayra M on Jul 18, 2015

*"Este producto lo considero excelente me ha ayudado a perder peso y recuperar mi peso ideal. Definitivamente me quedo con el porque despues de probar muchos que no me dieron resultado este es el unico que si funciona. Lo recomiendo es excelente."*




Harich Mendoza on Jul 16, 2015

*"My wife and i love this product.. you guys have to try this and great customer service"*




Kelly Imamura on Jul 14, 2015

*"Quality tea, nice light flavor. I have a cup when I get home from work, I feel it really cleanses the system~"*




Jessica Cumarat on Jul 14, 2015

*"I've been taking dulcolax to loosen my bowel movement for almost a year already but when i saw that there's a free sample for Glaiza's slim tea i gave it a try why not, and i don't regret it cause after i tried this slim tea i can finally say goodbye dulcolax, hello Glaiza's slim tea. I like how it taste no matter how long you leave the tea bag inside ur cup, i love how this tea function in my system, i lose weight by just taking it for a week. I just LOVE it!!!! No words can explain how i enjoy and love this tea."*




Jaqueline Romero on Jul 14, 2015

*"the best magic tea ever it works wonders it help me with my issue now i cant wait to put in my order for some of glaiza's magic tea love it i was very satisfy with my free samples delicious taste i recommend you guys to try glaizas amazing tea!!!!"*


D' BEST!!!!


Aydenb08 on Jul 14, 2015

*"I received a sample of this magic tea and i love it..... and it really works....."*




Yaj Leinad on Jul 13, 2015

*"If you're a tea lover i suggest that it's time for you to try glaiza's magic slim tea. I really enjoy every cup of this tea every time I get to drink it. I have noticed a very good and unique flavor from trying this new product of tea. It has the natural aroma and taste that makes your body feel relax and comforted. Well you wouldn't know that after trying this delicious product of tea. So it is your turn to try this bag of tea and let it make yourself feel extra special on how it works for your body."*