Our Belly Fat Burner Tea is delivered in tea bags that are packaged in a stand up pouch.


Our Belly Fat Burner Tea is sealed in a stand up pouches FDA-approved non-gas-permeable poly structure bag to preserve freshness, aroma, and potency. The bag has excellent barrier properties and is ideal for storing herbs and teas. The Standard Stand Up Pouch with bottom gusset lays flat for shipping. It includes a re-sealable zipper.




Our tea comes in 15 and 30 tea bag quantities.


How should I store my teas?


A cool, dry, dark place is the best way to store teas and make sure it is well-sealed.


Can I drink this tea everyday?


Part of the Belly Fat Burner Tea process is to cleanse your digestive tract from unwanted toxins that build up over time which is part of the reason why you are bloating or constipated. Once you are done drinking our 30 day detox pouch, you'll have already rid your body of these toxins so you don't need to keep cleansing your system to the same extent. It is best to take a few weeks break so that your body doesn't become reliant upon Belly Fat Burner Tea.


Will this tea affect my contraceptive pills?


There is a chance that the cleansing effect of the our Belly Fat Burner Tea may alter the accuracy of your contraceptive pill. This should only happen if you go to the bathroom soon after taking your pill. To be on the safe side, we do recommend using extra precautionary protection when drinking our Belly Fat Burner Tea.


Shipping & Tracking:


How much do you charge for shipping?


Our shipping rates depend on the carrier used, the destination zip code, and the total weight of your shipment.


How long will it take to get my order?


For United States orders, we ship all items within 48 hours. After we ship the order it can take 5-7 business days to reach your location. Priority mail shipments generally take 2-3 days.


How can I track my order once it has shipped?


You will receive a shipment notification with tracking number by email, but ONLY if you provided an email when you placed the order. If you do not provide an email address you will not be able to get any tracking information at all. Tracking numbers are available for USPS shipments only.


What happens if my order doesn't arrive or gets lost by the postal service?


Once orders are shipped, they are the property of the postal service. Glaiza, LLC. is legally not responsible for lost or damaged goods. However, on the very slight chance that this may happen, we will do everything we can to help you. If you have a problem with your order, just send an email to glaizaproducts@gmail.com


What if I accidentally put a wrong address when I purchased?


Once the order is shipped, it is in the hands of the postal service to deliver the order to you and we cannot make any changes to the address. It is very important that you enter the correct address when purchasing. However, we can try to make the changes for you by sending an email a.s.a.p at glaizaproducts@gmail.com but it is not guarantee and we won't be able to send you another package or refund. You will receive an order confirmation through the email that was provided.


What if one of my items is out-of-stock?


Though we make every attempt to keep our website current, occasionally a popular item will sell out before we can update our pages. If you have placed an order and an item is out-of-stock, we will call you to inform you that we will be unable to ship that item. We will then request that you make a new order for the out-of-stock item when it returns to inventory. Since the item will be shipped to separately from your original order, we ask you to please be aware that each shipment will incur separate shipping costs as are applicable to the volume of product being sent.


Teas Overview:


HERBAL TEA: This soothing caffeine-free tea is often used for wellness and detoxifying purposes.


If you have any question that were not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us.